Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A life through your grand kids!

Morning folks hope all is well. I wanted to see if you other parents or grand parents ever feel the way I do when watching one of your kids doing something you used to do but can no longer get away with.

Case in point my grandsons the Three Amigo’s of Terror all of who we love very much are such lively guys with tons of energy so their folks sign them up for different activities according to their interests, like Nicholas his is a very good football player and his older brother Michael is very good at marshal arts. Then there is speedy Gon Lukas who is really fast after he does something he knows he shouldn’t he show’s his track skills!

As proud grand pops and grandma’s we try to stay up to date with their activities. We love watching them excel in them and I often find my self yelling (not at them!) but too them do this or do that. I ‘m not sure why I do that because on the field of battle they can’t hear you and if they could they wouldn’t.

When they do something that is fantastic we get all loud and cheer and puff out chest out saying that’s my kid or grand kid and in a lot of cases deep inside our self we think that kid is just like me! Lol when the truth is most of the time they are way better then we were we just always remember our self’s as super athletes! I think we seem to think that oh well they were not there so I’ll just build it up better than I really was! YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!
 It’s true and I find it sad that we can’t just remember our own memories and be happy with that! But we all do live through our children. I guess it’s is just a human thing!

Well my friends hope you all have a very happy new year! Stay safe and don’t go out and shoot guns!!!
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