Monday, December 26, 2011

So it’s a wonderful life after all !

Good day everyone. How was you holiday?
Mine started out terrible as I was so sick I didn’t get up until 10 am and the kids had already opened there gifts. By the time I was able to talk the rest of the family were starting to arrive and I was feeling better. So once the kids uncle Kenny got here we all went outside to play. It was a beautiful day very sunny and warm it felt good to be out there.

You know it is funny how kids ask for all the big fancy presents and they go on an on for weeks about how much they just have to have this or that. Then after they open all the gifts and while you sit there waiting to see how happy they are with that special gift.
They sit there and after a while that great had to have gift sits in the corner as they become fascinated with the simplest of toy’s that the baby of the family got! Lol!

It just go’s to show how the simplest thing sometime catches us buy surprise and we realize it really wouldn’t have made a big a difference if they didn’t get that expensive gift after all. And that all the kids and family really want was to be with kin on that special day!

So it’s a wonderful life after all !
Till next time wishing everyone a Happy New Year

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