Friday, December 30, 2011

So long Saint Nick!

So long Saint Nick!

Whoosh! And away he go’s and I say stay away for another year Jolly Red Man! lol! I know I know, I’m just tired of having been down graded in status around here every year that fat old fart comes around every December! All year long Grand Pops like me are top of the heap when it comes to playing with, taking care of and teaching our grand kids the rules of life.

Now that the New Year is close at hand we have climbed back on top! Yea! I say Yea!  
Now we are the ones who they come to when that toy Santa brought them falls apart.
We pretend like they are asking for a lot, lol but we all know that we love it when we have a chance to turn that sad cute little face back into a big smile as they run around the house telling all who will hear them look, look what Grand Pop did he fixed my toy!
( I AM  HERO )

I remember as a young father how every year on Christmas Eve we, most dads had the late night chore of sneaking out in the garage to try to put all the presents that would be from Santa together and somewhere in the deep dark places in my memories I remember a lot of cussing and thumb smashing that went on.

As an older wiser gentler grand father I have learned how to avoid all that cussing and thumb smashing, yes that’s right all you young guns out there will learn the secret to not being that mad elf in the garage is very simple! GET OLD!  lol yes all you have to do is wait! You’ll get there too just like all of us did.
Over and out my friends talk at ya all next time.

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