Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

First Cuss word out of the mouth of babes!!

Ok, I know that people go through this fact of life, but I for one will never forget that fateful day. We were in the back yard on Saturday morning all of my grand kids they were all excited to be together and were having a wonderful time.

I was sitting there drinking my Cup-O-Joe pettin the hound dog. It was a nice bright sunny day clear blue skies with white puffy clouds here and thar! Then I thought I heard this sound out of the blue and I could have swore I heard “you son of a bitch”! I was not sure I heard it because my hearing sucks as well as my sight now day’s and of course I knew that none of my sweet wonderful little angels would know words like that.

So I just sat there and went back to reading the paper things were fine for about 10 minutes I was just getting ready to go in and grab another cup of Joe when I heard this loud shrieky voice yell out, you “son of a bitch” give me back my truck!!!!!!!!!!

My jaw dropped my ears started burning my face was glowing red and sweat started pouring down my butt crack!
I turn around and there standing with his fist in the air, my sweet little angel boy that could do no wrong was shouting that phrase out at the top of his lungs over and over.

I was in shock I walked over and picked him up and took him inside to the boss of our home grandma surely she would be able to figure this out! I was so upset I had to go take a shower and while in there going through my head I was telling my self you better investigate this and find out where this little angel learned to express himself in such an ill mannered way.

So when my son got home I did what I’m famous for I jumped him right there at the door asked him how could he teach his son such words? Told him what he said and my son say’s I have never said those words to him. So next to come through that door was my son’s wife and once again I was sure he had learned that from her side of the family.

But she pretty much put me in my place with out much trouble told me I should look at my own house before accusing others. And with that I went to my wife and asked her what she thought about her own son talking like that in front of his kids, As always she just looked at me and said you stupid old man he didn’t learn that from his dad she said I remember clearly just last Tuesday you standing in our doorway yelling at that trash man about coming too early and you yelled “you son of a bitch“your to early and he looked at you and just shook his head.
Well enough said!
I would not have believed that if she had not pointed it out to me. So with head hung low and feeling terrible I went around and apologized to everyone and sat down with angel boy and explained that his GrandPop’s was wrong using those hurtful words and I promised him I would never use them again and made him promise the same.

Well that’s all folks!
Over and out!
GrandPops HALL