Friday, February 1, 2013

Why Grand Pop’s know best!

When I started this blog a couple of years ago I did it to help families understand the importance of the old man in the house! I wrote posts about what was happening in my family, thinking that we are very much average and so my post might give other families a chance to see how the grand pop in their family could be of help to them.
You can scroll down and read some of my old, old post. After a while I started having trouble with my income. Well being without a job and not quite old enough for S.S. benefits. I was really struggling. Then a friend of mine introduced me to a brother –in-law of his that had been marketing online and making good money. So we met and he started showing me the ropes. We had our ups and downs mainly because I was in such a hurry and to be truthful I lazy. We parted company for a long time but I never forgot the things gentleman showed me.
Now folks I’m doing like he told me and guess what! He was right you need to take your patients and focus and you need to talk with people, I don’t mean like trying to shove a program down their throats. I mean get to know them ask them about them try to help them achieve their goals.
Now that I have been in hundreds of money making programs I have learn a few lesion and I know how to work these programs. I know how to get rid of the one’s that will just take your money and leave you holding the bag. The programs I offer here in my blog are one’s that I know work. Now there are different strategies for each one and I would be glad to show you how to work them if you write me a comment at the bottom of my post. My knowledge is always free.  So speak up if you like. Thanks to you all for reading my blog, GrandPop’s Hall
If you should ever like to speak I would happy to do so on Skype (michaeliam909)