Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Advertising online is key to growing your business

Gobza costs you nothing to join; you only have gobs of things to gain.
The amount of money you will earn depends on two important elements: first, the number of members in your GobzaVerse™ and second, the type of members in your GobzaVerse™.

Until Gobza there has never been an opportunity to monetize the Internet and your smart phone in a way that is truly friendly. There is no catch with Gobza. Everybody wins – Businesses, Shoppers, and Nonprofits. Every time.

The spirit of Gobza is to share, to help, to pass freely. Go have Gobza fun, share Gobza experiences and make Gobza bucks doing it.

Gobza Resources:
1. Your Gobza Guide (pdf)
2. In-Depth Webinar (14 minutes)
3. Cash in on Your Connections (3 minutes)
4. Discover Gobza (90 seconds)
5. How to Create an Offer (5 minutes)