Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Oregon Territory True Story !

Hello my friends seem like a good time for another one of my world famous stories! It’s a true story and still gives me the shivers to this day.
One day back in 1981 we had moved to Oregon territory my kids were still young, two were in school 2nd and 3 grade. Our youngest Nathan was just 4 so he stayed home I hadn’t found work yet so one day we decided to go for a fishing trip. Explore the forests up around the Clackamas River all the way up to the end at Timothy Lake.

Well we made up some samitches and filled the cooler with pop. My son and I would stop every few miles just to look at the river and try fishing along the way. We were having so much fun laughing and joking with one another and up around a town called Estacada we stopped to ask the locals where a good spot was to try for fish. Needless to say we were naive and though they would help us out! Lol well come to find out locals never tell outsiders where the good spots are and after thinking about it I understand why.

But they did tell us to be on the look out for a creature named Bigfoot! Yes that’s right Bigfoot they told us that in the area around Timothy Lake and some of the side roads there were reports of sightings. Lol well Nathan was all ears and was very worried that we would see him, he even thought he saw Bigfoot taking a bath in the river once or twice. It was funny and of course I being a macho man laughed it all off cause after all who would fall for that stuff? I mean I am a flatlander from southern California where the wildest things we ever saw were rats and skunk maybe a coyote late at night.

Nathan was true scared and just wanted to go home but I wanted to fish a stream off this dirt road it looked like a spot where no one else would have tried so we get out walk down this gravel slope and tossed in our lines and standing there in the quite you could here your own breathing and heart beating. When all of the sudden a big rock hit the water on the other side of the river! I jumped about two feet and Nathan screamed! Then we smelled this awful stink and started hearing what for the life of me sounded like grunts, I stood as still as I could and watch very carefully but saw nothing Nathan was crying and wanted to go now daddy! So we went, I was scared too just didn’t want him to see that. All the way down the mountain he kept asking me if that was a Bigfoot and I kept telling him no son that was just a skunk and not to worry we were almost home.

So we pull up in the driveway of my mother-in-laws house and she comes running out saying did you see Bigfoot? I laughed and said oh yea we did he was taking a bath in the stream and she said they just came on the news that there was a reported big hairy thing breaking into a barn off the timothy lake road! Well needless to say I almost passed out  and a chill ran through my body like never before from then on I never went into the forest without my 44 lol like I could have held it steady enough to shoot.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
Thanks all folks
Over and Out!
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