Saturday, April 21, 2012


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Monday, April 16, 2012

Being old sucks!!!!!

Guy’s I’m old and I have to tell you that it does indeed suck. It is amassing to me how much of your mind and body go south in such a short time. Seems to me the last time I had to change a tire my wife could depend on me to be able to handle that without any trouble.
When I was younger I was a very good mechanic I could pretty much fix everything on any car. Well no more, now I have a hard time just opening the dam hood. Makes me so mad I can’t see straight. I remember pulling motors and tearing them apart fixing them and re installing them. I remember pulling transmissions and fixing them and rear ends and clutches were no problem.
But sadly I’m only 61 and now I can’t even see the darn transmission cause I can’t crawl under a car, let alone see anything!! The other day my wife came home from work had a flat asked if I could change it, of course I said sure Hun no problem take about 10 minutes Huh!
What a joke that was. I went out there managed to jack it up and get the flat tire off only I forgot something that my dad had taught me many moons ago, son he said always block your tires and set your brakes before you start using the jack! Guess what? I had forgotten the golden rule he taught me and the next thing I know the truck is sitting on the shock and the jack is broken and stuck under the truck. Lucky I was not under there too.
Well I had another jack an old floor jack.
So I started again and do you think I realized why the truck fell? NOOO not I my mind has been lost!! Well not only did the truck move, the floor jack sank into the black top and the truck was on the shock again! The jack had blown a seal and was no longer working.

So my wife comes out an hour later to see if I had finished and was really surprised of my lack of talent as she had known me as a young man who could fix anything! Lol now she say’s I’m an old fool trying to prove how I can still do things well she is right.

So she had to go buy a new jack was 50 bucks just so I could finish a job that should have taken 10 minutes, 3 hours later I was done and I mean done I had to go take a rest as I was sweating and shaking so bad I could hardly walk. Lol slept 3 hours.
My son happened by while I was asleep mom told him and he got upset and told my wife to never let me to anything like that but to call him he told her I could have been crushed.

I love my son he is a very good son and well intentioned but I swear I never though I would be so old so young! Too me why stay around if I can’t be relied on anymore and my wife told me to stop pouting and remember how much your kids and grandkids could on your old man stories! And with that I was happy!

I now am ready to be the old lion and watch my youngins take that top spot I have taught them well so I will enjoy watching them be leaders.

Well that’s all folks!
Over and out!
GrandPop’s Hall