Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Driving Tips for Your Family! #Esurance

Ok as an older driver with over 50 years of driving experience I have taught at least 5 people to drive. 3 are my kids and two where my friends. I have always remembered what my dad and grand father taught me and that is, if there is one thing you have to learn it’s that sometimes the biggest fool on the road is you!

They told me that when you’re so young you are prone to be a show off and to make decisions to fast. That is just the way you are as teens. “You know the people who know everything!” They showed me the best they could, showed me the right why to act in a truck as that is what we had on the farm. They told me to watch what was going on in a 360 circle around the truck and to always stay at least a car length away from the car in front of you for every 10 mile an hour you’re driving. Also to stay at least one car length back of a car at a stop sign. That was so in case you had to move out of the way fast for some reason.

They also to me to make sure to never drive without shoes! Yes that’s right shoes you’d be surprised at how many people drive without shoes. The reason for this is that if you were to break down some place and had to walk a good distant to get help. Some people learn this the hard way and yes me too! Like I said you have to know how to get a teens attention and in my day the best way was to make me work for what ever I got. Today parents give kids everything without letting them learn the lesson of how hard it is to make money and when you do something stupid all that hard work is for nothing.

These are the things I learned and still believe in today taught my kids that and they are teaching their kids the same. You see if you had something given to you then it’s easy to take it for granted. But if you had to really work to get that nice car or truck, bike or whatever you think twice about being foolish with whatever you worked to get.

Here is another driving tip that has saved my bacon several times driving in the winter snows. If your driving in the ice or snow always try to follow a big rig at a safe distant because they are heavy enough to break the ice or snow which gives you better traction to the road surface. Always follow far enough behind that they can see you in their mirrors.

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