Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good morning yawl! These old bones!

Good morning yawl! Boy I have to say this day it was tough getting these old bones out of the sack. Seems like in this cold weather everything just wants to stay in a nice warm bed! Old Rudy dog feels the same. The grad kids and I have a special bond with Ruby she is such a lover of the kids and they love her in return. I never leave them alone with Rudy as she is really quite big and is so happy to see them she can by accident hurt them in her excitement. She is one of those breeds that people shutter at and I do understand that as lol a weenie dog can make me climb a tree!

Ruby is the second Rottweiler we have the pleasure of having as a loyal part of our family. They have both been named Ruby and we raised them both the same way with kindness and lots of love with all of us doing a lot of hugging and holding as they grew up.  My theory is that if you never show aggression to them as they grow they really never discover what that is. Now we all know that you have to make sure they know that you’re the leader and show them that they are loved and make sure you show them they belong with you!

I’ll share a little story with you that prove to me I’m right! One night when Ruby was still very young she was sleeping down in the living room when one of my grand daughters( 2 years old) woke up in a daze and walked down stairs in the dark and when she realized what she had done she got really scared and started crying.
None of us knew she was down there, you got it! Except dear sweet Ruby dog.
My son and his wife and my other grand daughter and the rest of us where all sleeping up stairs.

 Our bedroom doors where open so we were really surprised when Ruby went not into my room as one would think as she hadn’t been around my son very much. And he was not a big fan of dogs.
She went right to his room and pushed his arm until he woke up! He yelled at her to get out but she would take no for and answer and just kept pushing until he got mad and got up to put her out of the house and as soon as he got down stairs he saw Helayna all curled up on the floor crying! Well you can imagine from that moment on Ruby became the hero of the hall Family and we rest easy every night knowing our protector is on duty!
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  1. I am not a dog lover, especially of big dogs, but my neighbour has a rottwieler and he is the sweetest most lovable dog I have ever met!

    He is almost too keen to give cuddles

    K :-)

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  3. That is so cute !! I have heard of dogs doing stuff like this. It was nice to see it turn your sons heart towards Ruby. I know about the grandkids and dogs! our 2 youngest Love them and Toby our shepard/lab mix can knock them over by just wagging his huge tail LOL they have accidently gotten hurt but he would never do something on purpose!

  4. Great story, thanks for sharing it with us! My mom loves Rotts too.