Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Media Spider Is Your Absolute Best Affiliate Income Opportunity Ever!

Imagine knowing exactly what your prospects want. Imagine, without any doubt at all, that if you present what you know your prospects want, they will take it instantly! Often this preference is in the form of responding vastly better to one headline, one image, one offer over the alternatives. If that is the case, wouldn't you do whatever you can to present to them what they want?! Of course you would. This is what a certain kind of market intelligence can give you. Would you like to make vital market intelligence one of the most valuable business tools in your business life? I know what you're thinking ;-) How could you get this vital market intelligence without much time and effort. Well, what if we give you it all, without any time and effort ... and completely free of charge!? Interested? OK, think what happens when participants come along to give you social actions. Before they even take action in your favor to promote your site, they must want the incentive on offer. That means the incentive information must be enticing. And that is what our covert split testing system does at the start of every round of marketing. The system monitors multiple elements of the information page. It determines the best combination of elements that "get the most participants". This covert system results in significantly larger numbers of participants. The increased participation in turn increases the social actions promoting your site. Notice that all this extra success is achieved without increasing incentives, initial traffic or any other effort. Currently our best performing info page is getting 11.7 times more participants than the bottom performer - for the same process! That is, for every 10 people promoting your site after seeing the worst performing info page, 117 promote your site after seeing the best performing page! Remember, nobody makes any extra effort, no extra gifts are offered and no extra time is spent to get 117 participants instead of 10! You wouldn't believe how tiny the difference is between all 6 info pages our covert engine has been testing. That is a story for another time or article. But for now, simply understand that we have your back. Understand that you get far more bang for your buck with our free covert engine than you would any other way, anywhere else. OK, that is what we do for your success behind the scenes. But what about you getting some market intelligence for your own products and websites! Well, we have exactly the answer to that quation in our new upcoming system function. Our top class professional survey manager (software) enables you to gain the pulse of your market. You'll achieve this effortlessly and cost free. Simply tell the system what it is you want to know and watch your market intelligence roll in. For more information on this check out our article on our ... Hot New Functions Quality is a never ending 'process' and not just a one-time feature you add to your BUSINESS !

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