Monday, September 3, 2012

Where can you go to get amazing advertising for just 25 cents a day?

This Q Pre-Launch is SMOKIN HOT!
Where can you go to get amazing advertising for just 25 cents a day?
AND… build a fantastic income even without referring?
- Earn over $140 for every position generated by your 25 cent daily subscription
- Every position generates 45 ADDITIONAL positions
- NO Referring required
- If you DO refer, earn over $25 per 25 cent referral position
But that’s just the TIP of the iceberg!
KrazyQ Advertising just went into Phase 2 of 3, and added a bunch more cool features:
- QMail (paid-to-read)
- 2-Tier QM Bonuses on referrals
- 2-Tier Retail bonuses on referrals
Both Paid and FREE members can earn at the Q!
(I can’t wait for Phase 3 – even MORE ways to earn and advertise!)
Hurry! Go grab your Q membership, and invite as many people as you can!
Hurry and get started NOW:
Official Launch is scheduled for October 1st, and those that get in now are in an awesome position!
Contact me here
My Skype - michaeliam909
PS: Check out the Q-TAPs! (Transferable Ad Packs)
They’re good for a 30-day subscription and can be transferred to ANY member of KQ.
That means you can use them to help others, build your own sponsor bonuses, as a stand-alone product or incentive for program owners or to build the most massive and profitable TEAM ever.
Too your success !

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