Monday, December 30, 2013

Watch Free TV and Movies!

No More High Monthly Fees... Watch Free TV and Movies! Did you ever wonder why you pay those high monthly fees while your programming selection continually gets smaller? Now you can easily eliminate those high monthly bills, and watch TV and Movies for FREE! Unlimited Channels. Unlimited Viewing. By eliminating the out-dated system of movie distributors and restricting networks, we have removed the current limitations on the movies you watch. We embrace freedom of the marketplace and allow all producers, filmmakers, and picture companies to upload all of their films. This allows for a never ending selection of movies to watch. Also, there are no limitations on how you can view a film so you can watch them as many times as you like. Create Your Own Personal Viewing Experience. As a viewer, you get to customize your viewing experience by selecting how the ads are displayed, the style, and type of ads. The viewing platform is customizable to your preferences. Anytime, Anywhere, Any Screen Size. That's right! Every showing is fully responsive to fit any screen size from phone, pad, to flat screen... even movie theater size! What was that? Yes, you heard us right. Movie theaters will be going digital. No more expensive reels for movie theaters to buy... which means there is no reason for movie theaters to charge outrageous prices. And with our system, movie theaters actually share in the revenue of movie ticket sales. Ooh! Need Only an Internet Connection. Just plug it in and it works, just like on your computer. If you can connect, you can watch TV. If you have a TV that is not able to connect to the internet, there are converters for those TVs in many electronic stores. Connect with the Director/Filmmaker! Do you have something you would like to say to the director, producer, filmmaker, or even the best boy grip? Now you can! Filmmakers can now build a direct relationship with you the viewer. So, tell them what you think. By the way, the filmmaker gets to choose the number of commercials, the pricing, and placement. So, go ahead and tell them what you think. For filmmakers, building a following can play a crucial role in your film development. Now, test marketing films and raising money from investors just became easier. We pay you! What? Did I hear that right? I can actually make money while others watch TV? Well how else can we build the largest viewing network in the world? For the first time, you get to share in the profits that the fat executive producers are used to earning. Enjoy it! It's a win, win, win for everybody. Freedom! If you haven't noticed yet, we are all about freedom. Our platform incorporates freedom in every step. From the control and choice that the viewer has, to the unlimited possibilities that the film producer has. We know that by introducing freedom, Giant Cinema will remove the grasp that Hollywood, the cable companies, and the networks have over you. You now just gained the control back. Your programming just got better at the price you can afford... free.

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