Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cell Phone Radiation Protection !

The Safe Cell Tab offers practical and convenient cell phone radiation protection by reducing the harmful effects of cell phone radiation created by electromagnetic fields emitted from devices such as cell phones, cordless phones and wireless routers.

Safe Cell Tab cell phone radiation shield is scientifically designed to reduce the biological effects induced by electro-magnetic fields (EMF). When holding the phone to your ear, the head and upper body part is protected, when carrying the phone in the belt, the hip bone marrow, reproductive organs and other vital body parts in this region are protected.

Most homes have cordless phones whose range goes from 900MHz to 3,000 MHz. The higher the range the higher the level of emission. For general protection for you and your family, we recommend placing a safe cell tab on your cordless phone.

The Safe Cell Tab possesses Patented, permanent Shielding characteristics for a long life span and will not need to be replaced for the life of your phone.

Some individuals are more affected by electromagnetic radiation than others. If you are badly affected by the effects of EMR, you may note sudden changes once you start using The Safe Cell Tab. The Safe Cell Tab will reduce the biological effects, which are associated with radiation from the EMF fields.

Cell Phone Radiation Shield reduces cell phone cancer risks. Reduce the dangerous radiation, and health risk of brain cancer and cell phone cancer.

Is the Safe Cell Tab easy to use?

The Safe Cell Tab is 9/16" high and 1-1/6" wide and 1/32" thick and easily adheres to a wide range of surfaces. It is applied to the back of the phone near the antenna. On other devices, such as a microwave oven, place it near the electrical source. It's as easy to use as a sticker!

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