Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why is the sky blue Grandpop’s

Why is the sky blue Grandpop’s

Well there you have it; you know you should know the answers to these simple questions.
Oh they ask all kinds like why do worms crawl instead of walk, or why do cow’s give milk and how? We all have had to try to answer these questions many times and from one generation to the next it never gets easies.

I for one always want to look smart in my kids and grandkids eyes so like most of you I make something up that I know they can’t question for many, many years or maybe never cause just like me I never did figure out why a worm crawls instead of walk. I know you are all saying well tell them it’s cause they don’t have legs! Huh! well then they ask why don’t they have legs like us? You see it is a never ending quest for the answer and none of us can ever really answer them all.

So for my part over the years I have collected some amazing answers to hundreds of questions. If you like send me $10.00 and I’ll send you 10 answers! lol just kidding .

Ok that’s all folks good luck with you answers!
Over and out
GrandPop’s Hall

PS- Here is a great site I want to share with you all

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