Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ok boy I have to say the world has surely changed!

I remember fondly the olds days when I grew up in the early 50’s when kids could, and really had to be out of the house. I remember when my mom and dad would say get out of the house and find something to do to keep busy. Lol and we always did our folks never worried about someone stealing us we had the run of the town hell sometimes all the kids on the block would walk or ride our bikes downtown 3 or 4 miles away  most times leaving early in the am and not coming home till lunch time and then back out again.

If we ever said we’re board well that was a big mistake cause then you were to go sit outside under the tree and think of something to do or they would find something for you! Never fun either! lol!
 I remember Halloween we would start at dusk and not get home until 10 or 11 pm and no parents ever went with us. We all had to go together most of the time with all the kids on our block.

Folks back then didn’t you know about all the things the experts have us worrying about now days. We played hard and got into all kinds of stuff that now days would be consider child abuse! And look most of us survived and done well. We were street wise and hard to fool because of it.

My folks never worried about me selling stuff door to door or mowing lawns or selling lemon aid on the corner, hell that was one of my chores at 8 years old.

Nowadays everything our kids touch is a thing that will make them sick or get cancer!
I remember my bother and sisters used to go to my grand dads chicken ranch and we would play in and around the coops. Hell I laugh when I think back at the things we did and we never got sick from it. We used to make mud pies right next to the coops and now that would be so big a deal today I bet folks would be arrested for allowing kids to do that.

Which brings me to why I wrote this, I got the riot act thrown at me this last summer because I had the gull to let my grand daughters have a great time in the back yard now in my day this was a summer time right for kids? Now I’m not allowed to let them be kids!
So I guess the only thing I can do is tell all my grand kids what a wonderful world it was when I was a kid. You can see in the pic above what I let them do does it not remind you of the good old days??

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  1. i can tell the girls were so happy :) look at their faces!
    so you let this one litle bitty mud hole get you in deep trouble with the mrs. i bet.... but the memories you made that day were priceless!

    keep on writing and sharing grand pops. i enjoy your tales...