Thursday, February 2, 2012

Morning Ya.all , GrandPop’s Story Telling Is Out Of Control!

LOL, so the family tells me. But I have always thought that old man stories were a right! I have heard them all from as far back as I can remember around camp fires and in family gatherings of any kind. Wherever there was a few kids around that would sit there and listen with eyes wide open with all the wonder and amazement that this old man can come up with.

My story telling started when my 3 youngin’s where old enough for them to sit still! Best if they where in cribs or high chair’s as so they couldn’t run away. Lol I remember my super famous adventure started out to be a true story but some how in the 30 or so years since I first told it and my family started getting tired of hearing it they changed it so much that now I can’t tell it without them making me sound like I should be in a liars rehab somewhere.

It started like this when I was a young guy 17 or 18 I and a friend where watching TV when a story came on an bout this huge brush fire just a few miles away so we thought, hey lets go volunteer to help because they said they needed some. We got there and the wind was blowing very hard 70 to 80 miles and hour. The county put us on a tanker truck to go up the mountain firebreak to join the rest of the shovel crew. We worked for like 12 hours and they sent us home as the fire was contained.

This is what I told my kids and of course their mom has always thought that old man stories were dumb. She always thought that about her dad and his dad’s as well so she started telling the kids that I was making it up and she told them that next time I told that story to laugh and say oh dad, mom said you told her you were in a tanker plane standing at the door throwing buckets of water out onto the fire! Huh! They all laughed and from that day the little rascals jump into the middle of my story telling and bring that one up and everyone laughs and think I’m a stupid old man telling stories again!

I’d get mad and won’t tell anymore stories until the next gathering lol!
Cause after all I figure that’s why I tell them stories to make them laugh!

Well folks that’s the story!
Over and out!
Grand Pop’s Hall


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  2. so this is why you started a blog... so you will have an audience for your long winded stories huh? haha.. keep em comming grand pop! i love reading them.