Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Butterflies learned to fly

I read this wonderful story and wanted to share it with you all. As a Grand Pops I love telling my Grand kids fun and interesting stories and this author has done a great job here please read and enjoy and pass on to your little one's . By : Lavonne W.

Part 1)

A long time ago before even your grandmamma can remember - bugs could not fly.  It's true! Even the ones with wings did not fly. This story is about some bugs with beautiful black and gold wings which they kept folded up on their backs. We call them butterflies now but when this story happened they had no name for we were not here on Earth to name them.

In the beginning they all lived in one tree and they all looked the same. Each butterfly had four wings and each wing was covered in black and gold scales of the velvety-est black and the glistening-est gold. A million butterflies all lived together on the tree. They spent their days walking up and down its branches and limbs. In the summer their movements made the tree quiver and in the winter their cocoons made the bare tree look as if it were sick.  The butterflies were contented but not all of them were really happy and neither was the tree.

One morning, one butterfly just stopped walking and his 14th cousin bumped into his rear end. The startled cousin shouted (for it was very noisy with the sound of millions of tiny feet pattering) "Why did you stop? Get moving will you? I'm on my way up!"

But our butterfly did not budge. You see, he was looking at something he had never noticed before - the real Up.

The real Up was the sky and he saw all the things that could fly in the sky. There were clouds and the sun and birds. Each of these things had their own kind of wings. The cloud's wings were ever changing, growing and shrinking and sometimes floating right off by themselves. The sun had wings like fiery thorns and the birds? The birds had wings which were almost like his own. Up was certainly different from Here.

His cousin backed up. In fact, all his cousins backed up which was a good thing because he needed more air and began taking deep breaths. His wings which had been held straight up most of his life were now moving up and down with each breath he took. All that air made him giddy and he began to feel - Desire.

Please come back for part two IN A DAY OR TWO