Monday, January 16, 2012

Walking to the park and getting into a yelling match with another old grand pop!

That is what this day brought me. You know how protective we are of your youngins we all are right?
Well this morning the grand daughters wanted to get out of the house they refer to as the boring place! lol I do too most of the time! That is why I am probably more excited to get out of the boring place than they are. Now don’t let my wife here me say that she would look at me and say (really you old fool your lucky I let you live here at all) and quit writing stories with me mentioned in them!

She gets mad as a wet old hen if I mention her or use a photo of her in any way! Why I don’t know the way I see it she is one of those gals who just get better with age she is a rare beauty even if she were 30, she would be no prettier that she is at 58.

Oh I digress any what back to the shoutin match you see along the way we always look for fruit trees or bushes with really nice flowers. We make note of them then we go on about our business to the park. We play and have fun for a while then start the walk home remembering where we saw the trees and bushes we picked out. We wanted to pick some flowers or fruit and so we did.

Problem is I know now that people are sometimes just as protective of the flowers and fruit tree’s as I am of my grandkids. That’s where it got started we picked a small bunch of flowers and decided we had enough of those. There were these big beautiful oranges hanging over the fence of this one house. So thinking the owner wouldn’t mind seeing how they were hanging over the fence I lifted my grand daughters up to pick a couple.

When all of the sudden this grouchy old voice yelled out! stay away from my dam orange tree you thieves! Well being protective you can guess what I said and this old dude comes out from around the house yelling at the top of his lungs what did you call me you sob!
And I said you’re a SOB AND YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Scary huh!
We went on yelling and calling each other names when my youngest grand daughter started crying and that stopped the whole yelling match. Turns out the old goat didn’t see it was two youngins involved, he right away stopped and walked up and said he was so sorry for scaring the girls and he went to the house and got a bag and held them up so they could pick some more and told us anytime we want some to just ring the bell and he would give us some.
So it just go’s to show that one should ask before picking that’s my lesson for this day.
Over and out my friends
Grand Pop’s Hall


  1. you better hope your lovely wife doesn't see this post! you called her an old hen and told her true age.... grand pops will be writing from the dog house soon folks! you just wait and see....

  2. lol Crystal if you look at one of my previous blogs I think it was called Another fine mess you'll see that me and miss Ruby dog are already room mates !!