Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here’s another fine mess I got myself into!

Yes I do get into trouble sometimes and when I do guess who is first to point it out to the whole world? Yep my grand kids! The one’s who curl up around you and follow you around all day telling you I’m hungry or I’m thirsty! Grand Pop can you take me outside or to the park kids.
 Ha, Well, well ah heck! I don’t know they can pretty much do or say what they want and I’ll take it. After all they are of my jeans right? So I forgive and forget and in the next minute they are all around me again hugging me telling me they love me. Makes me light up like a Christmas tree!

Oh I forgot to tell you what I did to get my self in the dog house. Well it was an honest mistake and I still don’t know how I managed such a dumb act as this. Here it is I accidently post a picture of my wife on my face book page!!!!!

Everyone in the family knows not to cross this line! Except an old man that still thinks he can do as he pleases. (Wrong!) My beautiful wife hates pictures of her online it is a big time mistake for anyone in our family to do this! Even our grown kids won’t cross that line, so I had a brain freeze or fart whatever suits you.

Now I and old Rubydog are living together and she is none to happy.  I take up most of her blanket. She thinks I need a shower and I think she needs a bath! Lol but all in all it beats being out on the street and soon I will be taken back in after a good scolding.

So next time I write I hope I do it from outside the dog house!

Over & out my friends
Grand Pop Hall
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