Friday, January 20, 2012

The Grand Pop to the rescue role has been changed today.

Had a visit with the old sawbones the other day and the news was something I knew was coming, I had been hoping would take long to reach that day. But as life moves on like everyone else I needed to ask for help from my family. That is not a hard thing to do for me as I have been blessed with a wonderful kind thoughtful and loving family.

When I got home I had a talk with my wife and told her what the doc said. I don’t move enough and that if I didn’t want my joints freezing up on me that I had to get off my back side more. Well I’ll tell you walking and bending over and doing things like that are a royal pain anymore, after a life of bad car accidents and 33 years of hard physical labor working in the aluminum foundry industry. Breathing in all those fumes like asbestos fibers I tend to run out of breath very fast.

And having been a heavy smoker for 40 years it all takes its toll. I have no one to blame these things on as it was my own foolishness that did all the dumb things.
So my wife suggested that I talk to the grandkids and ask them if they would help Grand Pop out and let me walk them home from school everyday instead of now and then.

This is not a long walk maybe a half a mile there and back but my doc told me that would be a big improvement over what I was doing. So I talked to the kids and they got a big smile on there face and said oh yes grand pop we would love to help you get in better shape. They have never had to walk home everyday before and they always hated doing it when they did so this is a big thing to them. I am very proud of them for showing me how they love me and wanted to help. They even suggested I walk them to school.

Well I’ll think about that but it will have to wait until we do the walk home for awhile so I can adjust to it and train myself to get up at the crack of dawn!

So the rolls have change some what but old Grand Pop will always be there for them anytime they new a rescue!
That’s all folks!
Over and out Grand Pop Hall

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