Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grand pops are alive and well!

Grand pops are alive and well! We have a new found purpose.
We have come to the rescue of our children’s children!
We now are more and more the daytime care takers of our beautiful grandkids and we provide a very useful service to our families that would otherwise cost them quite a pretty penny.
As I sit at the bench outside the classroom of my grand daughter waiting to see her cute face and that sweet smile I look around what I see amazes me! We all of us sitting there like faithful pups most of us are grand pop’s or grandma’s waiting with the patience like we never had as parents. Our little one’s come out with big smiles we stand up with beaming pride as we collect our whole world! 


  1. this is true! i am a mom but i do see many grandparents at school waiting on their pride and joy :)

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